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This archive site contains older documents and information that may be out of date at least in part. Much of it reflects the position in the mid 1990's, with some historic material from before that. There are a large number of New Atlantis sites and you should start by going to  www.new-atlantis.org  for access to current information and direction to other sites. Information added to this site is not always proof read. This site will continue to grow over time containing more archive material. 

Please note: 

All web addresses have now been moved to our main website.
Some reclassification of what is virtual and real world activities have occurred, so later details treat websites now as real world activities while in the archives they may be classed virtual activities.
These archives contain mostly historic information on the UK operations, other countries activities are not generally included here, as it would create far too much duplication of information.

Welcome to the archive site of

The Independent Virtual

 Kingdom of New Atlantis

Dedicated to improving the quality of life of its citizens and visitors.


A Virtual Kingdom, but intentions to build a new continent.

"it will be the worlds largest project ever"

Projects in both the real and virtual worlds

There are a number of new Atlantis sites the main home page site is at 


Starting points:-

If this is your first visit start in the introduction under who are we.

Researching the legends of Atlantis or New Atlantis, look in the virtual world, library section under legends, there is more than you would expect, including full texts.

Contact us if you wish by going to the contact us page on the main website www.new-atlantis.org