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When we think of the real world we expect to find solid items, real people, employment, homes, and activities and concepts to effect this real world.

We have been historically involved with clubs, career opportunities, interests, skill development and of course the longer term project to built a new floating continent.

New Atlantis has been very involved in the real world, and very successful in improving the lives of many thousands of people. Over the years we built up from small clubs for specific interests, by splitting them, adding wider activities and adding companies to surround them until in 1999 when around 3000 people in the UK alone were regularly enjoying activities through the 14 plus national clubs and the various companies. A number of TV productions were being filmed, and agencies were placing people into extra and film roles, as well as groups of people going through the free residential Rising Stars programme to create new movie stars. In 1999 this all stopped and we have since been unable to get this running again, part of the story of how corruption within the UK messed up so much for so many, is partly told within the historic section.

We had so many other planes, a full TV channel on satellite, residential housing complexes, rehab units, health facilities and so much more, all being based on building one success on the proceeds of the last. We had recently moved to a new center with accommodation, many rooms and even a large studio and indoor heated pool, when the activities of a few corrupt people caused the loss of all we had physically achieved in the UK, the loss of all the UK clubs, and in total a financial loss in excess of 100M ($150m).

The longer term project to build a new continent, was no so effected other than in taking away the effort and focus. As this was always said to be a project that would take more than a lifetime, perhaps the setbacks in this area are less significant.

You will find 3 sections available from this section, the first looks at the project to create a new continent, a separate complete web site on this is in development.

The second looks at what we could do today in the real world.

The third is a very large section covering a vast amount of historic information about the  clubs activities etc.