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Many years ago now, before the internet was practical and accessible we had a Builitone board system (BBS), This was structured as a virtual world to go with our virtual kingdom, from a map type approach you could go to the library, town hall or whatever section you wanted so that the BBS was simple to use when everything else was complicated and structures so simply that anyone could find what they wanted. Yaers before this our president had developed a system called home tutor, which as a scripting language allowing training, and system similar to hyperlinks way before anything similar was in general use.

The early internet was problematic in the UK, so it was some time before we got fully into the Internet, but now we are involved in well over 100 sites.

This section of our web site, tells you a little about the creation of a whole new virtual world comprising many web sites, and offering so much. This is by far the fastest growing part on New Atlantis's activities, through it we hope to achieve much of what we were able to do previously within the real world, but to make the information and skill's available for so many more people. We will see a library with thousands of on line books free to all, a giant virtual shopping world, a new virtual university, and so much more se the creation section for more details on this.

The library section available from here contains documents to do with the Virtual Kingdom of new Atlantis, and over time much of this will be restructured and be included within the historic section of the real world section of this site.

The station is the departure point with links to other sites.

the post office part is currently suspended, but we have not removed it as we may restructure it yet.