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Welcome to New Atlantis.

Perhaps the best place to start an introduction is to explain how New Atlantis came about, and what its aims are. It started out as a project, called choices, which still exists but is now part of a New Atlantis section called the Independent Inquiry Society. The choices project had two objectives to define the perfect civilisation and to define all the paths available through life.


Now defining the perfect civilization is a tall order, as what is heaven to one person, is hell to another. Likewise with countries it was discovered that there were many forms of administration or government,  which each has its merits, supporters and is appropriate in specific places and cultures. Often the actual practice is not the same as is claimed, for example many countries claim to be democratic, but none are truly democratic. They are all variations around the theme of democracy. Many countries have historic strands, often which appears now to be no more than unnecessary expense or ceremonial.


From this came the idea of creating a sovereign country, borrowing the best of each culture and allowing for all.


But where is it located, is many peoples first question. Historically there has been many people's who for various reasons have no land to call there own, including up to recently the Palestinians. The Jews moved from a land less religion to become the state of Israel, and there are many other examples of new countries being born, or races developing.


The next problem of course is the fear this creates in the minds of rulers on some other countries, who fear separatists and other groups, and to who New Atlantis may look at first sight as a threat. However New Atlantis has nothing to do with separatism or taking over another's land, but initially is content to be  virtual or imaginary country, until it has developed to the point where it can build its own. For now all our citizens have duel nationality, being both a citizen of New Atlantis and there original country.


The idea of a constructed country is not new and with two thirds of the earth's surface covered in water, the ideal would be a country in/on the ocean. This concept has been taken further to the idea of a series of large linked floating islands, in the shape of a spiral, connected together, and surrounded by linked islands that are used to create shelter when needed and generate electrical power from the sea. Some of the islands would have large items like an aircraft wing sticking upwards and a second down into the sea. These could be manipulated so as to be sails, or devices to use the currents within the oceans in order that the whole country could either move about or be fixed in a position. Being mobile has many advantages from avoiding storms to controlling your climate, going north in the summer to stay cool, and south in the winter to avoid the freeze. The advantage of the spiral shape is that it would be flexible and therefore economic to construct, yet expandable slowly growing from the center outwards. It is by far the largest construction project ever dreamt up, and will take years to complete, creating enormous employment initially in other countries but later also on New Atlantis itself.

So Atlantis named after the fabled perfect civilization was born, first as a club or large discussion group, and later renamed as New Atlantis when the Non profit company and structure was set up to allow the country to come into existence.

How should this country function, and while having all our citizens in other physical countries, how should we run the nation. Throughout this web site you will find details on the point that has been reached, and you will agree that the journey ahead is challenging and worthwhile. It is of course a developing story and you like us are privileged to be able to not only see it happen but to take part in making it happen.

The overriding objective of New Atlantis, as it in theory should be for every nation, is to improve the quality of life of its citizens. That simple mission statement needs to guide us foreword and never be forgotten.

The objectives as you will see from the rules and the memorandum of the company, is to achieve far more, but we would argue that they in turn come back to helping with the first objective.

From the beginning New Atlantis was an honor based society, by this be not only mean we act honorably to each other but also that our officers are unpaid and carry honorary titles such Knights, and at the top of our tree we have a life president, surrounded by the new Atlantis Royal family. In the same way as individual choose to become citizens our honorary officers are appointed based on service to the community rather than money, birth, or political connections.

Early on their was a fixed path with many grades, each with a defined task. Since it has been necessary to go into secret running, these have largely been swept away, and each cell or group has been given the right to have their own grades and officers up to the rank of Duke or Earle, and most have greatly simplified the previous pattern, which you can read about within the historic section within the library.