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You may be better looking the similar section on the up to date site for current information, the information here is archive information. The main site is at www.new-atlantis.org 

Lets tell you more of what we stand for

Justice, understanding, and fairness and not only when it suits us. The memorandum and articles of the company define all the objectives well. You will find a copy in our on line library.

Conceptually we are one day going to create out own country, the plans revolve around the worlds largest engineering project to create a floating country in the Atlantic, but perhaps we don't expect it to happen in our lifetime, but who knows.

For now we are a landless virtual state, are citizens, are citizens by choice not birth or convenience, and all have to hold at least duel citizenship as we have not as yet asked any country to recognize us.

There have of course been and are many landless states, originally the Jews, Romanies and more. Of course groups like this historically have not always been well received, some may even say persecuted!!! Perhaps small minded officials don't have the brain power to recognize that an alternative and open view is not always dangerous to them. Perhaps its just the fear of what they do not understand. 

I want you to stop and think, don't accept for a moment what you have been told, lets look for example, at democracy, in most counties what passes for democracy means the power is in the hands of the biggest gang, minority views or groups never get a look in and the system is established so that power stays where it is and it is not possible to express another view. This means that minority groups faced with always being excluded, often will result to terrorist action and we see it all around the world. Note please, not us, we present a totally peaceful look and interpretation, although some members have as you might expect been inclined to look at other routes over the last few years. The standing orders of our president is that we stay peaceful, whatever injustice comes our way, we have to avoid the temptation to join others in the gutter of life. We may not agree with what some minority groups do, but is it totally their fault, when they are offered no alternative.

Look at another item, corruption, this exists everywhere. Every country, and is worst in those places who refuse to acknowledge or put in measures to identify and control the problem. You cannot eliminate it, but you can at least acknowledge it and by this means seek to reduce it. 

Justice, what does that mean to you, picking on a person, persecuting them, putting them in inhuman conditions, destroying their lives. Taking years to investigate problems, systems that give different levels of action and outcome based on the amount of cash you have. In Britain most prisoners are kept in inhuman conditions and under a regime that few realizes exists, and it is difficult to see how anyone can justify in this age. poor conditions, near zero medical cover, and in many cases 23 hours dungeon like confinement a day. Much of the press is fooled into giving a more rosy picture, and often the worst conditions are encountered by the innocent people spending many months on remand. Over half of the people held on remand are totally innocent and many will be found not guilty having completed their long drawn out sentence in advance. Around a third of people locked up are totally innocent, a third innocent of what they are locked up for but guilty of something else and a third guilty. There is no attempt to rehabilitate people and when they complete being put upon, we just dump them back into society. Many in prison turn to drugs, and for many the contacts they have made in prison are their only means of survival when let out.

Ok, you may say, thinking people and those prepared to look into the darker corners of society may find things they do not like, but what can we do with so much rot in society. Are we not safer keeping out head down, After all we may know some of the problems your people have had. 

The problem is, just about everyone in the British legal system, Judges, barristers, solicitors etc is aware of the corruption and injustice, and that their is no means of correcting it in the system, but most have become so used to it that they just point out that nothing can be done, while other may feel it is necessary to support their life style, and after all it doesn't effect them does it!!.  Every year, many thousands of people in Britain who are leading blameless lives become a victim of this evil.

Of course Britain is not unique, corruption exists everywhere, innocent people are imprisoned, commercial injustices prevail, and more. 

Only if we all decide we will not stand for this will it change. In many ways you may feel the citizens of New Atlantis are ahead of their time, citizens of the future rather than a primitive past.

You will find if you look at our objectives further you will find although we have a number the principle one is quite simply;-

To improve the quality of the lives of our members (citizens).