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New Atlantis is always developing.

The status of the development on this site.

This site is the archive site for New Atlantis, it contains historic documents, ideas, records etc, and us constantly developing. New Atlantis has been in various forms of existence for over 40 years now, so ideas will have devolved and experienced changed some of our ideas. Therefore we have chosen different paths towards the same objective over time. hopefully this site will allow you to explore some of them

In order to make as much available with minimal delay the decision was made not to proof this site as a web site, most of the documents are produced directly from files of original documents.

Back more than 18 years ago, New Atlantis had a multi line bulletin board system which was widely used, then the Internet came along and popularity fell off. Eventually we took it off the air, but at that time within the UK the Internet was not reliable enough for us to become fully involved. Over the years various communities within new Atlantis have had their own BBS systems and Web sites, and still do. This site is the public site of the president of New Atlantis.

The first version of this site was first tested on line towards the end of September 1999. At this point it was incomplete in many ways, but had we waited until it was complete it would probably never have reached the point where it would go live. Later in 1999 it went off the air and was some time outside our control, and later due to legal action it was running but not open to the public at large.

As at March 2002, it has been split into a number of sites and updated, and reloaded so it is available to everyone. This section being the archive records.

We are now connected with a vast number of web sites, and expect this number to increase further.

Therefore this site over time will become the philosophy, and history of New Atlantis, rather than as it was first designed as a source of contacts and programmes for groups and branches around the world.

Branch sites.

Since New Atlantis went into secret running mode, many local branches have created both mirrors of this site and local sites. This we encourage. Local Branches use a combination of web sites and BBS systems. many of the Web systems are in sub webs off of other sites and blocked from search engine robots. This means that you will not be able to find them. Please feel free to do the same, and to set up your own local branch.

Virtual world developments

A lot of growth in this are, but as other web sites. go to virtual world and station for links to these sites